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An Appeal

As most of you reading this, having stuck with us through the years, will know, The Shotokan Way will reach its tenth birthday this September.

When we began TSW, Shaun and I were pretty much convinced that it would be something that only we and possibly some of our karate students would read. Almost ten years on and we have thousands of you to thank for engaging with and enjoying our material, and for being a constant support throughout the years.

When we began we were students, with very few other commitments. Our lives revolved around the dojo and the magazine, and we could do it easily! Student life left us with plenty of free time and dispensable cash! Now, almost ten years on we both have households to run, jobs to hold down, and suddenly time and money are far harder to come by, a feeling I’m sure most of you know all too well.

And that is where we have decided to write this appeal. We have met the ever growing costs, in both a monetary sense as well as time and energy, amongst the two of us and whilst we always have, and will continue to enjoy the challenges set forth by TSW, it is time to request some support.

With that in mind we are aiming to raise enough money to cover the running costs of TSW for the next 12 months, as well as a little cash to help with the relaunch. We want TSW to continue growing, to not become stagnant, and one of the biggest issues we are currently facing is spam on the forum. We are hopeful that with some extra cash we can get better access to help in solving this problem.

Therefore, we are looking to raise £300 by the end of February. This would mean that the running costs for TSW are covered for another 12 months and won’t have to come from our own pockets.

As you all know, TSW is and always has been a free resource, and we are desperate to keep it that way, so any support you could lend would be gratefully received. Help us to make TSW the best online magazine it can be, and to be forever moving forward and improving.

If you think you can spare even a little, then please click the donate link below. We would be eternally grateful, and TSW can have its best possible 10th Anniversary Relaunch.

If you would like to donate to the TSW Project, please click below