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This month marks the 1-year anniversary of The Shotokan Way.


Since the 4th September 2006 Launch, TheShotokanWay has traveled a long way. For every mile our little car has driven to karate Seminars throughout the UK, we have seen our site grow and develop. From our emails, I know there have been those who started karate in the same month that we began our site, and they have commented on how great a resource TSW has been to accompany their daily training.


Equally, we have received many emails from the advanced karateka who have spoken about how enthused they have felt since reading the site, and how it has been a great source of inspiration that has sometimes helped develop their understanding of the art. I can assure you, it has taken much to stop our heads from swelling.


We have had many ups and downs over this past year, but one thing undeniable is the level of support we have received. Emma and I have always said this, if it wasn’t for the generosity of karateka around the world, TSW would not be. You guys are what make this such an achievement. You are the reason we have put this together and why we promise to continue doing the work we have done.


We have had hundreds of people be a part of TSW, and thousands more around the world reading it everyday. Attendance on TSW from readers from all around the world continues to grow every single day. What was a hobby is now a resource Centre that anyone, anywhere can use to support their dojo training.


Who would have thought that little old us would have had interviewed some of the top Instructors in the World of Karate? I feel so blessed to be able to study Shotokan Karate, that people have been so kind to us, and that we have had the opportunity to train with such Fantastic teachers.


It’s interesting that the first Official TSW Trip we made was to North Wales to join the Chikara group when they hosted the brilliant KWF Assistant Chief Instructor Akihito Isaka. Interesting, as on the 8th of this month we will be once again be making the travel to visit our KWF friends, who made us feel so welcome.


This past year has been a great time of personal development. We have had our eyes opened to new and exciting approaches from a wide range of brilliant Martial Artists. We have trained with some of the top in the world; which we are excited about continuing. I cannot stress enough the importance of perspective on this. Yes, this Magazine is terribly important to us, but karate training, in a dojo with an excellent instructor is what it’s all about. It’s not about fancy fonts for interviews or any rubbish like that, it’s about getting a gi on and training. TSW is to support dojo training and not replace it, and I feel confident that we too are helping breed an outlook of open-mindedness towards Shotokan training.


This following year we hope will be a bigger and better year for us. We never want to rest on our laurels with TSW. We keep firmly in mind that this is the tip of the iceberg with so many fresh and important routes we have to follow, and we really hope you’re going to be joining us.


This following year we hope to arrange and host our first TSW Event. We also have TSW – ‘THE BOOK’ on the way. We apologies for being vague, but we want to keep you all in suspense. Our mouths are zipped tight and we’re not saying a peep…but I will say that it all looks very exciting!!!


As karateka, we have changed so much this past year. We have been exposed to sides of Shotokan and indeed of the Martial Arts that we never would have dreamed of. We personally treat TSW as our own little Research Database, which we share with you all as an Online Magazine. The karate we practiced just a few years ago in theory and practice is a thousand miles away from the point we’re at today. That’s not simply a consequence of running TSW, but also because of the influential people we have spent time with.


Emma and I would like to say a thank you to Paul Herbert, Robert Sidoli and Ged Moran for their continued support for the project. May we thank all of those who have written for us in this past year, all of those who have had us in their dojo, and of course those who read the site everyday. If we listed everyone that needs thanking this Article would be endless but please do know that we appreciate everyone’s commitment and support to TSW and we promise to dedicate the next year to promoting Shotokan and helping do our tiny part in developing this art we love so much.


Thank you all for everything gals and guys and may our 2nd year be even bigger and better!!!!!!!!


Shaun and Emma


Please do send us a note through the CONTACT US page telling us what you think of TSW, which may possibly be printed in the future on TSW. (Provided they’re nice ha ha)