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Interviews with…

Sonny Kim (Coming Soon)

Elisa Au Fonseca (Coming Soon)

Toshiaki Namiki (Coming Soon)

Richard Heselton (Coming Soon)

Iain Abernathy (Coming Soon)

Hitoshi Kasuya (Coming Soon)

KWF Kenshusei (Coming Soon)

Yoshiharu Osaka (Coming Soon)

Takashi Naito (Coming Soon)

Maynard Miner (Coming Soon)

Nigel Jackson (Coming Soon) 

Cathy Cline (Coming Soon)

Keith Geyer (Coming Soon)

James Yabe (Coming Soon)

Avi Rokah (Coming Soon)

Jon Keeling - 2 Part Interview (Coming Soon)

Shojiro Koyama (Coming Soon)


If you would like to submit Material to be used (Interviews, Articles, Reviews) please send them to:


Trip to Japan Diaries – A place where those who have travelled to the heart of karate can comment on their time. Here they can place photos, they can tell us what they studied, who they studied with and how they enjoyed their time in Japan. If you have any diaries of this sort that you want placed on the site, or if you want to write one, please send it or let us know on mail@theshotokanway.com

Kata Video downloads – This is going to be one of the most important sections of the site. Here, we want people to submit kata videos of themselves performing kata. We want to see examples of kata hopefully from any and every organisation practicing Shotokan, hopefully with a little commentary explaining the minor differences in their kata performance. This hopefully will make others more aware of the way others practice kata in order to widen their knowledge. If you would like to supply us with Kata video downloads, please let us know on mail@theshotokanway.com

Kata Application photos and video downloads – This will be great for others to see how you have interpreted and applicated each kata. This will be useful to beginner instructors who are looking for ideas, but will also be of interest for all shotokan karateka to widen their knowledge by seeing how others have interpreted the kata. If you have videos or photos you would like us to place on the site contact us on mail@theshotokanway.com

Interactive Lessons – Here, we will contact senior instructors and ask them to allow us to film them teaching a karate class on a specific topic. Hopefully, we will then use this on the site. We will also enable you to place footage of yourself on the site if you care to film yourself teaching a specific topic. This will be useful to see how people teach specific points, and you will hopefully learn a thing or two. If you want to place footage of yourself teaching a specific karate point or topic or even a full class, then let us know on mail@theshotokanway.com

Instructors section – Here we will place teaching tips, ides, how to plan a lesson, how to gain confidence when teaching, how to get points across, information of health and safety, information on Insurance companies, and much more. If you have anything that you would like to place on the instructor’s page, anything that may help fellow instructors, please send it to mail@theshotokanway.com

Karate Fact Page – If you have any funny, interesting, anecdotal or factual info on Shotokan karate, please send it to mail@theshotokanway.com

Fitness Page – Information on fitness, nutrition and how to get a better body for both health and how to make your karate stronger.

Competitor of the Year – Here, we will run a vote each year on who is the best karate competitor of the year. Over time, via the forum and through your emails, we will compile a list of ‘Top Competitor’ names, then you, the viewers can vote to make the decision on who wins the title and trophy. Suggestions please send to mail@theshotokanway.com

Kumite Videos – If you have footage of yourself or others that you would like to place here, because you think it can be of use, interest or of educational value, please let us know on mail@theshotokanway.com

Technique Page – If you have video footage or photos of you or other performing karate techniques please send them to use. We are creating a page dedicated to karate techniques and how they work. It will be of great use for others to see how you and your school practice particular techniques to widen people’s knowledge of Shotokan karate and how other people do certain techniques.  If you have any videos or photographs, please send them to mail@theshotokanway.com

AND MUCH MUCH MORE. If you have any suggestions or anything else you feel may be of interest for The Shotokan Way please send them to mail@theshotokanway.com

The Shotokan Way 'THE BOOK' Coming Soon