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Hoitsugan Seminars 2005

''Nothing Wasted'' Steve Ubl and Yutaka Koike Course 2006

13 Years to Seiza, Clinic with Randall Hassell 2006

''Hitting the Jackpot in Atlantic City'' 1st Annual USA-SKF Karate Camp 2006

An Evening with James Field 2006

ISKF Master Camp Turns 40 2006

Review of Chikara Shotokan Isaka Sensei Course 2006

Review of Paul Herbert Sensei Course 2006

Review of SSKI Dave Hazard Sensei Course 2006

Review of Budo Promotions Dave Hazard Sensei Course 2006

Review of Keigo Abe Course 2006

Review of Paul Herbert Sensei Course France 2006

Review of Dave Hazard Sensei Byakko Course 2006

Review of Richard Amos Sensei WTKO Course 2006

Review of JKS Technical Course 2007

Review of Dave Hazard Dartford SKC and TSW Open Course 2007

Review of Funakoshi Course Crawley 2007

Review of SKKIF UK Open Course 2007

An Evening with Sensei Patrick McCarthy 2007

JTKI Summer Camp (Sensei Nishiyama, Kawasoe and Naito) 2007

Review of Akihito Isaka KWF Camp 2007 - North Wales

Review of Dave Hazard WKC Course 2007

Review of Steve Ubl, Richard Amos Master Class 2007

Review of the JKS Autumn Course 2007

An Evening with Sensei Masao Kawasoe 2008

Dave Hazard in Canada 2008

A Weekend with Sensei Akihito Isaka 2008

The Shotokan Way Open Course 2009 with Paul Herbert & Shaun Banfield

JKS Technical Seminar with Masao Kagawa 2009

An Open Course with Dave Hazard & Aidan Trimble

An Evening with Masao Kawasoe 2009

21st International Seminar of Budo Culture

A Weekend with Master T. Okazaki 10th Dan 2009

JKA Spring Course 2009

 Dave Hazard in 2009

JKAE Summer Course 2009

JKA Kan-geiko 2009

The 2009 Okinawan Traditional Karate Tournament (Seminar Report)

Sensei H. Shirai in Scotland 2009

A Session with the RedMan - Applied Karate with Paul Herbert 2010

'Jion' with Mark Carroll 2010

The 25th Cape Town Gambate Gashuku