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Look your best.
Feel your best.
Be your best.
Tokaido: Only the best.

Since 1958, Tokaido has been supplying karate practitioners in Japan and all over the world with the finest uniforms, belts and other karate products. Tokaido has become the world-wide standard to which other uniforms and belts are compared.

In answer to the increasing demand for the highest-quality Tokaido uniforms and black belts from karateka globally, we are happy to introduce this service that allows anyone with internet access the ability to purchase our products directly from Japan. Through our service, ordering a uniform or belt will be a relatively easy, interactive experience. You will feel as if you were shopping in person at our Kojimachi store here in Tokyo, but without having to learn Japanese!

Now, you can order uniforms and belts, personalized to your preferences, including your name in Japanese characters, chest emblem patches, and labels to match many organizations and styles. All of this work is done directly by the Tokaido factory in Japan. We offer a full range of sizes and uniform weights, many of which were previously only available in Japan. Also, for those who already know and appreciate our highest level of quality, we are pleased to offer tailor-made uniforms made to your specifications by master tailors Genzo and Waisetsu.

All our uniforms and belts are cut and sewn by hand, one by one, by artisans whose expertise has been acquired through long years of dedication to their art.

Many people say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Tokaido was the first company in the world to manufacture uniforms exclusively for karate practice, after the art arrived from Okinawa. Many have tried to imitate Tokaido's high-quality uniforms and belts over the years, only proving what several generations of karateka have known all along: Tokaido makes the best uniforms and belts for serious karateka.

If you practice karate hard to become the best that you can, we think you deserve to feel and look your best, too. Wear a Tokaido uniform and belt, and you will understand why it is the choice of top instructors and competitors. You can order from us, and have our assurance that we will manufacture the best possible uniform, from top materials and with unsurpassed craftsmanship, as we have been doing for nearly 50 years. Please refer to the links to the left for further details and ordering information.