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The foot integrates into the rest of the body and the rest of the body feeds into the foot.


When the foot enters the ground it becomes a shock absorber, and allows through chain reaction the knee, hip and trunk to become a shock absorber in all three planes of motion.


The foot affects the rest of the body through ground reactions and the body affects the feet.


The foot has two main functions:


First function


-The foot collapses when hitting the ground, absorbing shock and become a loader of the body.


-It is a flexible mobile adapter, by reacting to gravity, body weight, momentum and ground reaction forces it collapses and allows the rest of the body up the chain to eccentrically load.


-It turns the body on to eccentrically load to allow the body to do what it wants to, walk explode, jump.


Second function


-Stable propeller that allows us to concentrically unload.


-The foot is initially mobile to ultimately give us the stability that we need to move and to explode. When it is stable, it becomes a rigid lever and facilitates an unloading of the kinetic chain.


-It should be flexible and mobile or stable in the right time.



The magic of the foot is its ability to quickly transform from a mobile adapter to stable propeller.


Foot function is completely subconscious. What the foot does is completely reactive. We therefore must know what the foot reacts to, and how it reacts to those forces in order to functionally evaluate and train.


We need to design the functional environment with a conscious understanding of function to facilitate the desired subconscious reaction of the foot as part of the chain reaction.