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- Discuss, Debate, Develop


The Shotokan Way is an Online Shotokan Karate Magazine and Research Centre dedicated to Shotokan Karate. It’s a project committed to the students of Shotokan Karate throughout the world, and is devoted to enabling Shotokan Karateka to cast opinions, views and ideas freely; without the restraints of any political bias.

Everyone is equal, and everyone deserves the opportunity to express an opinion and we hope to provide an environment where this is encouraged.

All of our resources are free. Everything that we offer comes without any price tag, as our objective is to provide a resource beneficial to the Shotokan Karateka, and that is reward enough. We have and will continue to stress that the resources here are to support dojo training, rather than replace it, and the only way this resource will benifit karateka is if they take the ideas, information, and understanding from TSW and use it in their study.

We hope you enjoy The Shotokan Way, and benefit from our resources. The only way we will grow and be more beneficial is if others contribute. If you’ve any anything you would like published on the site, please do not hesitate, and we look forward to a long friendship with all of our viewers.

Thank you so very much, and good luck in your study,


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The Team

Interviews, Articles, reviews and anything else you want published, please send to: mail@theshotokanway.com