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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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The Doctrine of the Martial Mind.



Part 1
Ralph Goodwin

In a world where the buzz phrases are “Effortless, easy, convenient, right now, eat all you want and lose weight, fast profits, no risk, only minutes a day” and so on,… combat fighters are a beacon in a “darkened by laziness” world. However, we make a difference.

In the cold mornings, when most people are snuggled up hiding away from the bitterness of foul weather; we are out cracking the ice under our feet forging ahead to new levels and pinnacles. When many people are sitting at home in the evening sucking on bottles of beer, eating poisonous junk food and blobbing out in front of a television, we are soaking the floor with our sweat, endeavouring to surmount yet another goal. While others are taking the kids through yet another drive-through junk food outlet and feeding the kids sweets, we are setting a good example by leading from the front with healthy eating habits.

Many people often talk about the sacrifices that we combat fighters make. They claim we sacrifice our time, our families, our entertainment, our fun etc in order for the pursuit of our “selfish” goals.

I want to refute that idea. We are not saying no, we are saying yes!

We are saying yes to the fruits of a far more dynamic way of life. We are saying yes to a far healthier life. We are saying yes to our own dreams that impact the world around us. We are saying yes to being good examples to our families, our friends, our relatives, our employers and the world around us.

By having higher levels of energy, we impact the world around us by having the liveliness to have better quality time with our kids. We are better husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers to our families by being healthier, more committed and having the vigour to invest in the important things in life that couch potatoes are too exhausted to even dream about doing. We impact this world by being far better employees. Our sharpened minds make us better, more committed and more loyal employees. We have the energy and focus to impact our jobs, and thus help make our employers company’s; more profitable, which in term creates expansion and develops new jobs.

Our brains are sharper and more focused and we are able to perform difficult tasks in the work place with relative ease. We cope with stress better and thus are able to remain in a far calmer demeanour which means we are easier to get along with. All of these contributions and attributes that we develop put us in a position where we are far more desirable to promote in the work place.

We develop a greater respect for authority and thus can live a more moral life. By accepting the authority and discipline of our coaches, instructors and teachers, we in turn project this acceptance onto the world at large. The discipline, perseverance and patience we have to come to terms with in order to progress in our training, is like wise transposed to the greater world around us. Difficulties and struggles are accepted more easily and our ability to persevere with these struggles in a patient but determined manner, enables us to take on life problems in a far more positive and effective manner.

By accepting and enacting self discipline, we find it far easier to say no to the things that are bad for us. We find it easier to say no to immoral behaviour. We find it easier to stand up for what is right rather than being weak and succumbing to wrong things that effect ourselves and our fellow human beings. We clearly understand that a right thing done in a wrong way is wrong. We comprehend that a wrong thing done in right way is still wrong and we realize that only a right thing done in a right way is right.

We understand the benefits of perseverance in all areas of our lives. Not only that, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance and perseverance develops character; and good character develops hope. And hope is the path to a more positive outlook in life.

The very nature of our training mandates that we are far more organised. The old saying goes “If you want something done ask a busy person to do it”. Well certainly we combat fighters are busy people; however we have the energy, the persistence and determination to get difficult tasks done. We become reliable and stalwart.

I love combat fighters because we are the few in this world that clearly understand the concept of “suffering for blessings”. We labour long and hard. We labour assiduously in what some people think are just benefits for the athlete. But we have assets that are often not visible nor considered by other people and that is the impact we have on the world around us. Our very activities lead to a dynamic and energetic way of living and this in itself impacts our world positively.

These assets have a direct impact on our world. We are not Mums and Dads that are too tired to spend quality times with our children. We are not Sons and Daughters that are unable to find the time to look after and bond with our elderly family members. We are not employees that are unreliable, uncommitted and lazy. We are not a burden on our society because of the illnesses we get as a result of self induced abuse by unhealthy living. We don’t contribute to higher medical costs because of poor diets.

The effects of combat fighters have on the world around us is often not considered and yet the benefits and contributions are great; albeit rarely recognised or given credit for.

Combat fight training is not a selfish enterprise. In reality it’s a selfless vocation and way of living. We impact the world and we are invisible heroes silently and humbly contributing positively to this world; often without praise nor recognition.

Maybe one day the world we see us in this light….

Until then, we are leaving an invisible legacy.

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