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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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Legend Open 2010 (United Kingdom)

Members of Shaun Banfield's Cowbridge SKC Squad (Left) Taking 3rd in Mixed Kumite team at the Legend Open

If we look at the traditional karate calendar for 2011, there are very few good quality events for us to attend. The Legend Open is an event that deserves our support. It is well organised, attracts a high standard of competitor and stands up for what it believes in, traditional karate at a high standard. It does what it says on the tin, and allows opportunity to showcase some of the best talent around, both for youngsters and for those with more experience.

The Legend Open has been running for ten years now, and has seen some of the biggest names in Shotokan Karate grace their tatami, and has been host to some incredible bouts, and performances of kata. This year’s event was no exception.

We began with kata for the younger generation, and we saw SKC’s Rhiannon Hackman narrowly losing out to Scotland’s Laura Divers and Christopher Chan, who took 1st and 2nd respectively in 12 – 15 Brown and Black Belt Kata. All four finalists performed excellent kata, and the space between first and second place was especially close.

As it always is, Men’s Senior Kata was an excellent show, with clean, crisp, effective technique being displayed, but it has to be said, Shaun Eglington’s Unsu for the finals was superb. Sharp and dynamic, he thoroughly deserved the gold medal he was awarded.

Mike Hackman, member of Shaun Banfield's Cowbridge SKC competing in Kata

Moving on to another excellent category, the Ladies Black Belt Kata category was even busier than the previous year. It saw Scotland’s Brogan McAnena taking a well deserved 1st place in Ladies kata with her crisp performance of Gojushiho Sho, followed by my very own self, taking silver after performing….The standard was high across the board for this category and all finalists were well deserving of their wares.

Members of SSKI, talented youngsters Leah Groom, Lauren Brooks and Emily Nutbeam lost out to Scotland’s Laura Divers in the 12 – 15 Brown and Black Belt Kumite. This turned out to be a very exciting category to watch, with all entrants, not only the final four, fighting professionally and showing not only and excellent level of skill, but excellent attitudes also. It is always fantastic to see youngsters representing themselves and their clubs so positively.

One thing that absolutely must be noted is the incredible performance of the Scotland team. They placed in almost every available category, and took every medal in Ladies Senior Kumite. That’s right, they took first, second, and both joint third positions. Whilst the entire team displayed skills to be very jealous of, they were also excellent representatives for their team, polite and respectful of all other karateka, they win and lose with excellent attitudes. (Not that they lost very much mind you…)

Emma from SEKU fighting

As usual Team events were a tense affair, with many close to the mark bouts, but showing excellent form, the SEKU teams took gold in both the Association and the Club team events, furthering their reputation as the team to beat in any team event.

This year sees the end of the Shobu Ippon Championships, and so it is especially important for us karateka across the UK and indeed internationally to support good quality events such as the Legend Open, because before we know it, if we don’t support them, they will get smaller and smaller and then disappear, and we will all be ranting and getting on our soap boxes as we fasten our blue mitts, wondering why traditional competition is not so popular anymore.

Before that has opportunity to happen, take the time to support the Legend Open, and keep traditional competition very much in the frame, so that we who wish to continue to compete and to watch others compete get ample opportunity to.

The 11th Legend Shotokan Open Championships will be held in Bracknell on Saturday 12th March 2011. For more information then please contact Sensei Gerry Breeze at gerry@kanku.org

Entry forms will also be available to download from the TSW Calendar page very shortly.

Emma Robins







8TH TO 4TH KYU  Under 11yrs


            1st      K. Ozeki

            2nd     Sharnia Moniz

3rd.    Sapphire Sumpter

                      Archie Gabriel


Brown & Black Belts Under 11yrs


           1st.      Rian Smeaton

           2nd.     E, Blindell

3rd.      A. Strath

                       O. Bousba


Brown & Black Belts 12 to 15yrs


            1st.   Christopher Chan

            2nd.  Laura Diver

            3rd.   Riannon Hackman

                     Victoria Stevenson


Junior Brown & Black Belt Mixed Team Kata 15yrs Below




Tokan SKC



Brown & Black Belt Cadets 16yrs to 21yrs


            1st.    Mohammed Salin

            2nd.  Dylan Hitchcock

            3rd.   Sam Weaver



8th to 4th Kyu Female Senior Kata


            1st.     Alison Flowers

            2nd.    Sharon Boardman

            3rd.    Gael Pawson

                      Jo Baker


Brown & Black Senior Ladies


           1st.    Brogan McAnena

2nd.   Emma Robins

            3rd.   Emma Williams

                     Nikki McBride


8th to 4th Kyu Senior Kata


            1st.    Paul Nya

            2nd.   Oliver Wilkins

            3rd.   Derek Manning

                     Steven Lafferty


Brown & Black Belt Seniors


            1st.    Shaun Eglington

            2nd.   Ross Young

            3rd    Matt Powell

                     Daniel White


Senior Male Team Kata


 1st.   Kilburn.

            2nd.  Sanshin

            3rd.  Kenshinkai


Female Team Kata. 16yrs Above










8th to 4th kyu Sanbon Mixed  11yrs & under


1st.      Shania Semedomoni

            2nd.     Niaaz Hoque

3rd.      Ethan Cutts

                        Yassine Adjadj


Brown & Black Belt Sanbon Mixed 11yrs & under


            1st.    Jake Stone

            2nd.   Jessica Dodds

            3rd.   Chloe Jones

                     Steven Barton


Brown & Black Belt 12 to 13yrs Under 5ft


            1st.    Luke Shredish

            2nd.   Thomas Carson

            3rd.   Brian Kas


 Brown & Black Belt 12 to 13yrs Boys Over 152cms


            1st.     Cameron West

            2nd.    Khalid Hourdz

            3rd.    Ben Tyler

                      Danny Richards


Brown & Black Belt 14 to 15yrs Boys Over 152cms


            1st.     David Ross

            2nd.    Joe Crowe

            3rd.     Jeremy Cantoss

                       John Ferrando


Girls Kumite Brown and Black Belt 12 to 15yrs


1st.     Laura Divers

2nd.    Leah Groom

3rd.    Lauren Brooks

                      Emily Nutbean


8th to 4th kyu Male Senior Over 21yrs


1st.   Oliver Wilkins 

            2nd.  Derek Manning

            3rd.   Andrew Fleet

                     Ben Leaver 


Brown & Black Belt Senior Female


1st.     Brogan McAnena

            2nd      Nikki  McBride

            3rd.     Julie McGavigan

                       Christine O’Neill



8th to 4th Kyu Cadet Male Kumite 16 to 20 yrs


            1st.     Owen Laracoats

2nd.    Paul Walsh



Brown & Black Belt Cadets 16yrs to 20yrs

 1st.    Stuart Amos

            2nd.   Doug Carson

            3rd.   George Oliver

                      Momhamed Silam


Brown & Black Belt Male Senior 21yrs & over


            1st.    Matt Powel

2nd.  Annis Jarboua

            3rd.   Steve Axelson

                     Paul Henry


Association Senior Male Teams. (5 Man )


1st.      SEKU. A.

            2nd.     Kilburn

            3rd.     Wales



Club Male Team Kumite. ( 3 Man )


1st.    SEKU. C.

            2nd.   Wales.

            3rd.   SEKU .  B.



Adult Mixed Team Kumite ( Two Man / One Woman. )


            1st.    Kilburn

            2nd.   TaKaKai

            3rd.    SEKU. B







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