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Paul Herbert 5th Dan
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The 2nd WTKO UK Championships saw Seishinkai welcoming other WTKO groups to its Honbu Dojo. Competitors from all over the country, as well as from the USA competed in what turned out to be an excellent and very exciting competition. Those that took part were from: Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International (SSKI) headed up by Malcolm Phipps Sensei 7th Dan, Federation of British Shotokan Karate Union International (FSBKUI) headed up by Gerry Breeze Sensei, 7th Dan, the British Shotokan Kyogi (BSK) headed up by Charles Gidley 7th Dan, as well as the WTKO Staten Island Dojo headed up by John Mullin 7th Dan, (who unfortunately could not be present at this time).

The days proceedings were overseen by the Seishinkai Chief Referee Kevin Thurlow Sensei 5th Dan, with Richard Amos Sensei refereeing all of the final bouts assisted by the senior association referees and judges present. All in all an excellent day’s competition with a very high standard of Shotokan Karate as well as etiquette and sportsmanship shown by all who took part. A credit to the WTKO and to Shotokan karate in general.


At the end of the competition, it was time to award the medals and trophies but before the medal ceremony started, Richard Amos Sensei announced to everyone that Kevin Thurlow Sensei, had been travelling to the USA on a regular basis since the start of 2005 and training with himself at the WTKO - Honbu Dojo, as ‘Kenshusei’ on the ‘WTKO International Instructor’s Programme’. Richard Sensei went on to announce that after seriously hard Daniel Whitetraining, physical and written assessment, Kevin Sensei had met, and exceeded the standards required to be awarded the international qualification of WTKO Judge, Instructor and Examiner grade ‘C’ - emphasising that Kevin’s award was the first ever WTKO International award. Kevin Sensei proudly accepted this award (a beautiful certificate in English and Japanese) - to great applause from his Karate colleagues and friends.

Then came the medal presentations, with the placings being announced by Malcolm Phipps Sensei 7th Dan (Kyoshi) and Seishinkai’s Chief Instructor and the medals presented by Richard Amos Sensei.

A full listing of the results can be see below.

Men’s Kata

1st Kayhan Sefat (FBSKUI)

2nd Ross Young (FBSKUI)

3rd Adam Cockfield (SSKI)

Ladies Kata

1st Alexis Raymen (SSKI)

2nd Alison Grundy (BSK)

3rd Karen Foxwell-Moss (SSKI)

Children’s Kata

1st Leah Hoey (SSKI)

2nd Thomas Carson (SSKI)

3rd Aaron Gould (SSKI)

Adult Team Kata

1st SSKI ‘A’ (Adam Cockfield, James Smith, Daniel White)

2nd BSK

3rd SSKI ‘B’ (Alexis Raymen, Philip Hornsby, Douglas Carson)

Children’s Team Kata

1st SSKI ‘A’ (Ross McGirr, Daniel Marlow, Aaron Gould)

2nd SSKI ‘B’ (Leah Hoey, Stacey Barton, Arthi Niranjan)

3rd SSKI ‘C’ (Thomas Carson, Lucy Castle, Dominic Gibbon)

Men’s Kumite

1st Lee Power (BSK)

2nd Martyn Chapman (FBSKUI)

3rd Steve Woby (BSK)

3rd Craig Cooke (BSK)

Ladies Kumite

1st Alexis Raymen (SSKI)

2nd Alison Grundy (BSK)

Male Cadet (16/17yrs) Kumite

1st Douglas Carson (SSKI)

2nd James Smith (SSKI)

3rd Mark Wakefield (FBSKUI)

3rd Anthony Holt (SSKI)

Girl’s Under 5ft Kumite

1st Jade Callan (BSK – Niten)

2nd Arthi Niranjan (SSKI)

3rd Leah Hoey (SSKI)

3rd Sarah O’Connor (BSK – Niten)

Boy’s Under 5ft Kumite

1st Wadhah Saleh (BSK)

2nd Sam Richards (SSKI)

3rd D. Every (BSK)

3rd Hameed Hassan (BSK)

Girl’s 5ft & Over Kumite

1st Lucy Castle (SSKI)

2nd Louise Adcock (FBSKUI)

3rd Rebecca Nutbean (FBSKUI)

3rd Emily Nutbean (FBSKUI)

Boy’s 5ft & Over Kumite

1st F. Faqiri (BSK)

2nd Ross McGirr (SSKI)

3rd Mark Brown (BSK)

3rd D. J. Callan (BSK – Niten)

Men’s Team Kumite

1st FBSKUI ‘A’

2nd SSKI ‘A’ (Adam Cockfield, Douglas Carson, Daniel White)

3rd FBSKUI ‘B’

3rd FBSKUI ‘C’

Boy’s Team Kumite

1st BSK

2nd SSKI (Ross McGirr, Daniel Marlow, Ben James)


Adult Competitor of the Day – Alexis Raymen (SSKI)

U/16 Competitor of the Day – Leah Hoey (SSKI)

Guest of Honour – Sensei Richard Amos 6th Dan (Chief Instructor WTKO)

Host – Sensei Malcolm Phipps 7th Dan (Chief Instructor SSKI)

Chief Referee – Sensei Kevin Thurlow 5th Dan

Referees/Judges – Sensei’s: Richard Amos, Kevin Thurlow, Gerry Breeze, Charles Gidley, Colin Putt, Jeff Carson,

Paul Carvell, Nick Forgham, Sheila Thurlow, Ken Tsai.